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We compare multiple translation services on one place. You are free to translate any type of content - from lyrics, separate words, strings, website content, and even manuals. We have no restrictions, you can translate cross-language texts without the need to register. Our services use Google, Bing and another providers to compare translations from all these providers.

The best possible way to achieve quality translation, is to provide full text, and translate a complete pack of sentences as a single translation. Modern translation systems are able to understand the meaning of your source texts, so providing complete version of your source text may result in better translation, then if you translate if word by word, or sentence by sentence.

This translation app was created with user experience in mind - we allow you to choose source and target language using the easiest possible way. This website is optimized for mobile phones as well. If you like it, share it. Thank you!

As an additional content provided for free, we are listing the most used sentences and phrases, used by typical situations (in a hotel, airport, while traveling etc.). If you feel that your favorite translation is missing there, just let us know and we will share it with others as well.

How to become a translator?

Many people think that translating books is easy, just mechanically converting vocabulary from one language into another. And when the tongue in which you translate is your mother, what can be hard on it, right? But translating a book is much more than just translating. A well-translated book is well known that you do not even know it's a translation.

Book translations also differ greatly from translating articles for magazines or expert texts. It is more complex and complex, but also much more fulfilling. Something will stay here. You may enjoy having a book made available to many other people. The book you have translated can be in the library and will bring you joy, just as you can see it on the bookstore shelves.In the following article, you will check if book translations are the right job for you.

What you need to know

To translate books, you will need several basic skills: excellent knowledge of the foreign language, excellent English knowledge, good (or rather excellent) expressing skills and computer literacy.

Smooth knowledge of the given foreign language. You must be able to understand a foreign language, almost as if your own. Understand both formal and spoken speech and speech completely unspoken, and have the widest vocabulary in a variety of areas. Great control of your language. The book translators should not be the one who has not read a lot of books - and that is what I mean in the language they want to translate. Reading the language develops, vocabulary is expanding and passive experience with the text is gained (you will be active while you start translating yourself). Good ability to write. Even though you have a good command of your own language, it does not necessarily mean that you can write well. You may understand every word in a foreign language and you are able to tell exactly what the story is about. However, the translator does not only convert the book from another language, but it again writes it to the reader, and should create a pleasant reading experience, not just giving up the information. Computer literacy. This is more or less a matter of course today, but it is worth mentioning. The translator needs to be able to send attachments to emails, work in change mode, be able to calculate the number of translation words to quantify financial rewards, meet exact formal requirements,
Patience. Maybe you have the experience of translating articles or short technical texts that can be made for an evening or a weekend. The book will take a few months, and after finishing it, you'll have to read it a few times to make the text really flawless.

Can books translate be supported? or how much will I get?

In individual publishers, the form of payment for translations differs both in terms of the amount and timing of their payment. You will have the conditions for financial evaluation in a contract, which you will have to read carefully before you sign it.

The publishing house for which I translate currently offers EUR 5 for 1 standard page. They pay the amount in two installments - the first within 14 days of the transfer, and the second within 14 days after the copyright copy. So you get a few tens of thousands for the whole book (which you have to tax).

However, virtually no publisher gives you an advance payment when you take over the translation and sign the contract. In the best case, you will get the full amount after the translation, more half is the amount of the surrender, and the second after the book actually comes out (which may sometimes take a year). If you want to become a full-time translators, it's good to have some start-up money or initially any other income before you get into the translating market and take full advantage of it.

How long does it take to translate the book

How long it takes for you to translate the book depends on a number of factors. On the one hand, on the length and, of course, on the complexity of the book, and on whether you are translating full time, and you have all the time just for translation or just as an add-on, and you will be free to just "hunt" the translation.

Translate an average long book that has some 300-400 pages will take you about two months with everything when it's full time. Divide twenty working days a month, that is, 40 days, if ten pages a day.

Up to the translation time you need to count the time you spend on verifying the facts and, of course, editing and proofreading the text. After completing everything, including proofreading, you need to read at least twice as readers and pick up the last "flies" before sending it to the publisher.

Do I need a business license for translating books?

You do not need it. Although you will need to file a tax return every year (publishers usually pay the full amount to the translators and the obligation to tax them on the translator himself), the tax itself falls under the Copyright Act (121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act, Copyright Act, and Amendment some laws).

It should be borne in mind that the book translator is not an employee but is working on an agreement with the publishing house. If he does not have another main job, he must himself brings you unique translation utility. If you ever used automatic translation, try - website, where you can compare translations from multiple translation engines from one place.
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